We bring the very best quality to market

Company dedicated to Certified Quality Food

Present-day family business

Our quality, flexibility and simplicity in management speaks for us

Client focussed

We offer several differents brands to satisfy all our Client´s needs

Origin of Production

We guarantee our products with a Certificate of Origen, Spain.

Young Family Business

We´re a young and dinamic family company focused on the cultivation , packaging and distribution of saffron. We aim to bring what´s considered “the best saffron in the world” to our clients, “La Mancha Saffron”

We ensure traceability

To ensure the traceability of our Saffron, APROSS is doubly certified, as a producer and PRODUCER and PROCESSOR (CM418FOZ) and also as a PACKAGER and DISTRIBUTOR (CM10I0Z).

Policy of Maximum Quality

APROSS to continue with its policy of maximum quality and safety, continuously adapts to new Quality standards. Thast´s why our production and distribution  processes are also adapted to other important Certifications (“Organic Farming”, “Organic” etc.), and are always guaranteed to comply with the Regulatory demands of the European Union.

Anywhere in the world

APROSS offers its products anywhere in the world, guaranteeing delivery within deadlines agreed with customers. All processes of our company are oriented towards our clients.

La Mancha Saffron: Protected Designation of Origin

We distribute La Mancha Saffron with Protected Designation of Origin. But what´s more, and more importantly, we´re producers with our own cultivation fields.

Committed to Society and the Environment

APROSS assumes the need for continuous improvement in the quality of our products and services. We´re focused on our Clients and wholly committed to society and the environment, respecting the legal and regulatory framework in each case.

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