Saffron La Labranza

Superior Quality La Mancha Saffron with Protected Designation of Origin. Spain

Saffron is a plant native to Asia where it has been cultivated for over than 3,000 years. The first known reference to saffron appeared in an Assyrian botanical reference from the 7th century BC. It comes from the Anatolian plateau and from this Asian peninsula it was spread throughout the world, marketed to a great extent by the Arabs, who took advantage of the mythical Silk Road routes in their commercial transactions with the Orient (India, China, Thailand) and the Romans’ “Mare Nostrum” to bring this spice to the West. It reached the Iberian Peninsula in the 8th, 9th and 10th centuries during the time of the Caliphate of Córdoba and did not take long to spread throughout the territories of Al-Andalus. The name saffron comes from the Arabic sáfaran, which means “to be yellow.”

La Labranza Saffron is an example of the tradition and knowledge of the men in the fields throughout the land of Castile La Mancha.

Labranza is a Spanish word meaning “ploughing” or “plough work, ” that process of turning the soil so essential to the harvesting of crops, which itself comes from the Latin laborare, meaning to work.

La Labranza Saffron is the fruit of the labour of the men in our fields: tough, austere, often under-appreciated but willing to make sacrifices and, without doubt, authentic, pure and of a certain quality.

These are the same qualities of our La Labranza Saffron:




Net Weight: 28,35 g


Net Weight: 5 g


Net Weight: 3 g


Net Weight: 4 g


Net Weight: 1 g


Net Weight: 5 g


Net Weight: 1 g


Net Weight: 1 g


Net Weight: 3 g