Organic farming, also called biological or organic, is an agrifood management and production system that combines the best environmental practices along with a high level of biodiversity and preservation of natural resources, in order to obtain a production according to preferences of certain consumers for products obtained from natural substances and processes.

As a distinguishing feature so that the consumer can differentiate organic products, all packaged units must bear the EU logo and the numerical code of the control entity on which the operator responsible for the organic product depends, as well as their own brand and products. specific terms of organic production.

Organic production has been regulated in Spain since 1989. In 1993, the first Community Regulation came into force, which was replaced by the current Council Regulation 834/2007 on the production and labeling of organic products, developed by the Commission Regulations, 889 / 2008 and 1235/2008.





Certification and confidence

  • The EU organic logo and labelling is a quick and simple way for consumers to recognise organic produce, and an important step in guaranteeing that organic produce is always of the same high standards.
  • Food quality – 90 % of Europeans believe that ‘organic’ by definition means ‘GMO-free’. Find out what restrictions exist on pesticides, fertilisers, and antibiotics and how organic farmers create good quality produce through crop rotations and cultivating in season.
  • Inspections and controls. Only half of Europeans know that all organic operators must be controlled at least once per year. Discover the control process from start to finish.
  • Short supply chain. Organic farming means that the time and distance from the farm to your kitchen is greatly reduced..


Organic production combines best environmental practices, a high level of biodiversity and the preservation of natural resources. It is a production method using natural substances and processes. Organic production delivers public goods contributing to the protection of the environment.